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Williams Close to Renault Deal

Frank Williams to Sam Michael: "Happiness is a warm engine!"

Frank Williams and Sam Michael. Happiness is a warm engine!

Williams Formula 1 is close to a decision on a new engine deal for 2010.  Williams have been using Toytota powerplants since 2007, but they have gone public with their decision to terminate their deal with Toyota a year early. Toyota, for their part, would be more than happy to see the deal through to the end.

The current rumor in the paddock is that Williams favor a switch to Renault power.  As Sir Frank Williams recently explained to Autosport, “It’s a technical choice and it requires a thorough vetting and consideration period by Patrick [Head] and Sam [Michael] plus some negotiations by Adam [Parr] once it’s decided. We have to hurry up because we don’t want to get behind on designing our car.”

Sir Frank did allow that a re-teaming with Renault would be an exciting prospect. Renault engines powered Williams cars during the team’s glory years in the early and mid nineties, with the likes of Mansell, Prost and Villeneuve all winning championships sitting in front of a Regie.

However, Sir Frank also noted that the Cosworth option had not yet been ruled out. “Cosworth is an independent company,” he said. “The warmth that a manufacturer’s engine provides is a useful feeling.”

Whatever that means.

Image by dck47, licensed through Creative Commons.

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