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Sterling Moss Doubts That Schumacher Can Win Another Title

British racing legend Sterling Moss

British racing legend Sterling Moss

British racing legend Sterling Moss, often reckoned to be the greatest Formula 1 driver never to win a world championship, admires Michael Schumacher for attempting a comeback at age 41, but doubts he’ll be able to clinch an eighth title.

Moss, speaking recently at the Autosport International show, said, “I think he is very brave to come back, I think it is very good for the sport.  He has gone to the best team I think, but that doesn’t mean he is going to win. To beat people like Vettel, and Alonso – who is a very dark horse at the moment – I think he has his work cut out, actually.”

Moss, who has never really been one to sing Schumacher’s praises, made a conservative assessment of Schumacher’s talents, in general, saying, “One problem with Michael, from my point of view, is that he has never really had a really fast number two, and usually the best way you can tell how fast a driver is is to look at the number two and see where he is in relation to him. He’s had Rubens, who is a terrific man and a very quick driver, but one doesn’t look at him as being one of the very fastest – and yet sometimes he was quicker.”

As for who would win the title in 2010, Moss doubts that it will be Schumacher, even if the German has the best car. Moss suspects that the championship is more likely to be won by one of the sport’s younger, rising stars. “I don’t personally think [Schumacher] will win it,” Moss said.  “It’s too early to say, but I think it will go to Vettel or Alonso.”

And his final verdict on Schumacher’s comeback?  “I think it is good for the sport, but I don’t think he was very well advised to take it.”

(Image source: Autosportdotcom)

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