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Sebastian Vettel Dumps Luscious Liz for Randy Mandy

Sebastian Vettel

In an attempt to recover the form he displayed at the open of this season, Sebastian Vettel will be using a new chassis at this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix.  Vettel whimsically names his cars, apparently finding each of them the spirit of a feminine muse.  In this case, like a Cassanova playing the field, Vettel is dumping his old car, Luscious Liz, in favor of his latest flavor of the month, Randy Mandy.

“We decided to change the chassis just to make a change and find something,” the German wunderkind said, as reported by Reuters.  “It explains a lot. On top of that, we also found other things that weren’t in proper shape. But it doesn’t mean everything is solved. We still have to work hard and try our best to be at the front again.”

Although Vettel has generally been rated more highly than his team mate Mark Webber since the two of them were first paired at Red Bull, Webber has left Vettel in his dust at the past two races.  Moreover, Webber currently leads in the points, although only by a wafer thin technicality (the Red Bull team mates are tied in points, but Webber has more wins).

While many paddock pundits are beginning to concede the 2010 driver’s title to a Red Bull driver, be it Vettel or Webber, and are likewise certain that Red Bull will capture the manufacturer’s trophy, Vettel is only willing to be cautiously optimistic in public.

“We are not massively clear,” he said.  “In terms of performance we are looking strong, which is a good thing, so we should be in good shape for this weekend.  But I am not really a fan of using words like unbeatable. Things change too quickly in Formula One.”

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