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Schumi to Return in 2010?

F1 Grand Prix of Europe - Practice

The Ferrari brass have been very publicly lobbying for a rule change to allow a third car entry for 2010, and Luca de Montezemelo has been frank about wanting to see Schumacher in the third car. If Alonso moves to Ferrari next year, I think that would make the possibility of a 2010 Schumi comeback unlikely, however, even though it would be a huge crowdpleaser.

Fernando is a diva, like most of the top drivers, and I can’t see him willinginly sharing the limelight with Schumi. It would be like 2007 all over again, but potentially much worse, as Schumi knows Ferrari team politics about as well as he knows breathing.

Schumi’s recent remark in Valencia about not ruling out the possibility of a future comeback is the most equivocal public statement that he’s made on the subject since his retirement. In the end, once he decided he was available to sub for Massa, all of his former denials added up to a big maybe — and a rigorous training schedule.

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