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Max Mosley Thinks Ferrari Deserves Additional Punishment

Former FIA president Max Mosley

Max Mosley has never been shy about weighing in publicly with his opinions (unlike his successor in the FIA presidency, Jean Todt, who seems to be a model of discretion).  Even after his retirement, Mosley has decided that the F1 community is waiting breathlessly for his pronouncements.

Regarding the recent team orders brouhaha in the wake of the German Grand Prix, in which Ferrari not-so-discreetly ordered Felipe Massa to move aside for Fernando Alonso, Mosley has decreed, “Both cars and both drivers should lose the points they achieved in the German Grand Prix.”

As he told he told Welt am Sonntag, “I will not make any recommendation, but on the facts at the moment there should have been some sporting sanction and not only a fine. If a team introduces team orders into a race, heavy penalties should be issued.”

Why is it difficult to take seriously the ethical judgments of a man who likes to spend his free time cavorting with prostitutes dressed in Nazi uniforms?

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