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Massa to Return in 2010

Ferrari have announced that they fully expect Felipe Massa to return to the cockpit in 2010. An offical team statement reads as follows:

“The checks (neurometric and impact tests, cognitive capacity tests) all had a positive outcome, just like the eye exam: everything is in order for Felipe to get back to racing.

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary - Qualifying

“Now there just has to be some plastic surgery at the brain box, where the spring at the accident at the Hungaroring hit his helmet. The surgery will take place in the upcoming days. After a short convalescence Felipe can then gradually start with physical preparations.

“Naturally, we receive the results with great joy and satisfaction at Maranello as we will be able to count on Felipe to be 100% for the start of the next racing season.”

There are several implications here, the first being that Massa definitely will not race again this season, which means that Ferrari had better get on the stick about finding a replacement who doesn’t drive in reverse.

Second, the teams expects to have a seat for Massa in 2010, which means that if anyone is leaving Ferrari to make way for Fernando Alonso, it’s the Kimster.

And third, Massa has something called a “brain box,” which apparently is something similar to a human skull.  Either that, or one of the Ferrari mechanics wrote the press release.

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  • Vettel Fan September 3, 2009, 11:55 am

    I love the brain box comment. I agree that a mechanic wrote that bit.

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