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Martin Brundle Says Schumacher Will Face Stiff Competition

Former F1 driver Martin Brundle

Former F1 driver Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle, a former Formula 1 driver, as well as a driver manager (for David Coultard) and ITV commentator, seconded an opinion offered by Sterling Moss recently at the Autosport International show that Michael Schumacher would have his hands full trying to add an eighth world title to his already impressive list of accomplishments.

Brundle doesn’t believe that age will have scrubbed any speed from Schumacher’s on-track performance.  “He is not going to be any slower,” said Brundle. “He has been a fit man since his teens, and you don’t forget how to do this – it is like swimming or riding a bike.

Brundle wonders, however, if Schumacher still has the raw hunger for winning that he  had as a younger man, and which the younger title chasers of today certainly possess. “You lose the need,” Brundle said. “You don’t lose the speed, as such. And Michael fell out of love with the whole package that was F1 and now he wants to drive. I admire and respect him for doing that.”

Brundle also echoed the sentiment expressed by others who have said that the depth of competition is greater today than it was during much of Schumacher’s career.  Said Brundle, “I think he has a depth and a quality of competition that he hasn’t had before. In the main part of his first career, he usually had one man that he was fighting, and now I think he is not going to know where to look next. There are fast committed young men who want to beat everybody, not just him, and you will have to get up early in the morning to beat Hamilton and [Fernando] Alonso and people like that.”

Brundle’s final guess on Schumacher’s chances?  He suspects that Schumacher won’t be as utterly dominant as he was during his heydey, but believes he’ll be mixing it up at the front of the pack, nonetheless.  “I think Michael has his work cut out,”Brundle said, “but I would not underestimate him and he will be there somewhere.”

(Image source: AUTOSPORTdotcom)

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