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Kimi Back to McLaren?

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium - Race

One of the rumors floating around the F1 paddock recently has Kimi slinking back to McLaren with his tail between his legs.  Perhaps that’s not a good analogy, since Kimi likes to spend his off hours speedboat racing in a gorilla suit, and, to the best of my knowledge, gorillas don’t have tails.

In any event, the F1 cognoscenti are all saying Nico Rosberg is a shoo-in for the second McLaren slot in 2010, but if Kimi gets the boot from the Prancing Horse, Martin Whitmarsh might give the Rosberg hire a rethink. Especially since one of McLaren’s sponsors is Johnny Walker, and, as everyone knows, Kimi knows his way around a bottle of spirits at least as well as he knows the track layout at Spa, so he’d be a natural for the sponsorhsip tie-in.

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