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Fisichella to Ferrari? Plan or Pipedream?

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium - Race

I’m still mystified as to the origin of the rumor that has Fisichella going to Ferrari for Monza and the remainder of the season. Fisi hasn’t gotten a call, and Ferrari haven’t made any public noises about even considering Fisi. As far as I can tell, the only rationale for this rumor is the fact that Fisi happens to be Italian. But historically, for a decade or more, Ferrari have never shown the least bit of interest in hiring him, so I’m not sure why they should consider it now. In fact, Ferrari have shown a long standing aversion to hiring Italian drivers for some reason. Their two most successful drivers have been a German (Schumi) and an Austrian (Lauda). Apparently they do best with a cool Teutonic temperament behind the wheel to counterbalance the Latin temperament of the team.

I was surprised that James Allen mentioned the rumor in the post-race interview, and I suppose I’ll also be surprised if it actually proves to be true. I think there are better options to fill in for Massa for the remainder of the season. There are a few former F1 drivers who aren’t quite over the hill yet who would jump at the chance. Alexander Wurz and Jacques Villeneuve come to mind. They’ve both done some kind of racing during the past year or so, and either one of them wold do better than Badoer, who once again qulaified dead last at Spa, and finished last amongst the cars still running.

Poor Luca. The latest story about Badoer is that the pit crew forgot to tell him to release the emergency brake during the race.

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  • Vettel Fan September 1, 2009, 4:00 pm

    I’m confused on the Fisi Rumors as well. I understand he is getting older (38) but how can he jump ship from Force India and leave them high and dry if Ferrari wanted him to fill Masa’s spot? Doesn’t he have a contract with Force India? Maybe it doesn’t matter to him, but I’d sure like to know how they could do that. Who would replace Fisi on the Force India team? ….. Oh wait, I know…… Scott Speed (aka Beavis) can come back! hahaha, now that would be funny.

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