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Ecclestone on Schumacher’s Return: “Stronger than a Rumor.”

Michael Schumacher - rumors of a return to F1 persist

Michael Schumacher - rumors of a return to F1 persist

Rumors continue to mount that Michael Schumacher will make a return to Formula 1.  As reported in The Times, Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone recently said, “I would personally doubt that he’s going to make a comeback but, having said that, it’s maybe getting a bit stronger than a rumour.”

How would the public respond to Schumacher’s return?  “Oh, it would be magic,” Ecclestone said. “You saw the interest he created when he was going to come back after Felipe Massa had his accident.”

It’s widely assumed that Mercedes are trying to assemble an all-German line-up for their newly acquired team, Norbert Haug’s denials not withstanding.  Many assume that Michael Schumacher is first on their shopping list, with Nick Heidfeld in second position.

If, in fact, this is the Mercedes short list, Ecclestone believes that Mercedes would obviously opt for the seven-time champ, even if he is a seasoned 40 years old.  Said Ecclestone, “Well you’d have to pick Michael wouldn’t you? There’s no discussion about that. It’s the obvious thing. Whether or not this is going to happen, I don’t know. If I was Michael I wouldn’t do it, but I’m sure he knows he could get the job done.”

Schumacher has done little, himself, to discourage the most recent rumors.  Asked by the press recently, in Brazil, about the possibility of his making a return to the cockpit, he said nothing more than, “Who knows?”

Meanwhile, Schumacher’s father Rolf recently told a Cologne-based newspaper, Express, “Michael is training every day like crazy. He’s not doing that for nothing.”  And according to a report in Bild, Schumacher has given his neck-training machine to the young rookie Nico Hulkenberg (managed by Schumi’s manager, Willi Weber), because he’s bought a brand new one for himself.

Image by Chris J. Moffet, licensed through Creative Commons.

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