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Button Says Vettel Doesn’t Deserve Title, While Whitmarsh Calls Him a ‘Crash Kid’

Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull T-boning Jenson Button's McLaren at Spa

While Lewis Hamilton’s win at Spa should be dominating the sports media, it seems that the McLaren pilot’s victory is taking a back seat to Sebastian Vettel’s faux pis of crashing into the side pod of Jenson Button’s McLaren, effectively ending the race of both drivers, and seriously hobbling their title chances.

Button was livid after the race, and later commented that in his opinionVettel didn’t really deserve to win the championship this year.  “I’m not saying he’s dangerous,” Button told the Press Association. “I’m saying that for me he has made too many mistakes this year to fight for the world championship. But he is extremely quick, we can’t take that away from him, and to get seven poles is extraordinary in the amount of races we have had. But to throw that many away is also very surprising.”

Meanwhile, Button’s team principal, Martin Whitmarsh, has been a bit more blunt in his assessment of the young Red Bull driver.  Speaking to the German media, Whitmarsh said, “Sebastian is getting into a bad habit. He is a crash kid.  It was not what you would expect to see in Formula One. It was more reminiscent of junior formulae.”

Whitmarsh tempered his criticism by recognizing Vettel’s talents, but reiterated that the young Red Bull pilot was sometimes his own worst enemy, saying, “Sebastian is an exceptional and very fast driver, But he makes a habit of colliding with other drivers.”

Vettel’s impulsive lunges have been costly this season.  He’s ended at least two races by crashing into other drivers, and on one occasion, the other driver was his team mate.  He currently stands 31 points adrift of the current points leader, Lewis Hamilton, but it’s very likely that if Vettel had played his hand a bit more prudently he would currently have those 31 points in the bank, with a few more to spare.  While he is frequently able to show dazzling speed, he seems to be unable to think big picture (i.e. points), which makes him very different from someone like Fernando Alonso.

Whether Vettel will grow out of this defect remains to be seen.  If he doesn’t it seems unlikely that he’ll ever see the title World Champion beside his name in the record books.

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