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Brawn Says Schumi Can Win Another Title

Michael Schumacher - tipped by Ross Brawn for another title

Michael Schumacher - tipped by Ross Brawn for another title

Contrary to some of the paddock skeptics who have expressed their doubts over the wisdom Michael Schumacher’s comeback, Mercedes GP team principal Ross Brawn has said that Schumacher has a good chance of winning the Formula 1 world championship in 2010.

As reported in The Guardian, Brawn said, “I was asked which of the four champions [Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton or Button] was likely to win the title and, naturally, I said Michael! In any case, I really believe he has just as good a chance as the others. Michael is now more relaxed. When he retired in 2006, F1 was a burden for him. Now I can sense his old enthusiasm.”

Brawn qualified these remarks by setting realistic expectations for the initial stage of Schumacher’s comeback, by saying, “I don’t think he will come out and win the first grand prix.  He will need a few races to familiarise himself with the other cars and the many new drivers. Then I hope to see the old Schumacher. This has always been his strength: to learn and adapt amazingly quickly.”

Brawn went on to say that Schumacher had impressed and inspired the recently re-branded Mercedes team when he visited their Brackley headquarters.  Schumacher held several meetings with team engineers, and toured the Mercedes engine facility in Brixton.  He also had the opportunity to work with his new race engineer, Andy Shovlin, during a three-day GP2 test at Jerez this week.

(Image source: AutoMoto TV)

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